SMBSEARCH - Search through samba shares


The smbsearch is meant to be a (very simple) search engine to a samba server. it allows the user search through shares,then he can download,delete or look at the selected file.Scripts are written in perl with the intention to make smbsearch available as a cgi, so that user can access it from internet with a browser.

SAMBA SEARCH ENGINE - Offical Project Homepage


- linux/unix box with installed samba,perl,webserver - cgis enabled in webbrowser


Private Search[59Kb]
Private Download[58Kb]
Public Search[66Kb]
Public Results[49Kb]
Public Show[57Kb]


- build install script - more features - care about the memory consumption - let me know: opensystem@freenet


Sebastian Enger,sebastian.enger {[@])
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